We Create Spaces for Meaningful Learning
We help schools teach Arabic for tomorrow, today.

We create space for meaningful learning.

Kamkalima provides a holistic e-learning platform with purposeful technology and meaningful content to rewrite Arabic education in the 21st century.

We equip Arabic teachers with the resources and support to raise a generation of engaged and creative tech-driven students, and we inspire them to do what they do best, teach.

Multiple Needs, Single Solution

While many education technology providers offer segments of the solution, Kamkalima is carefully designed to bridge this gap by offering schools a single e-learning platform that responds to all their needs. Improved outcomes are now easier to achieve with the help of smart technology, targeted content, curriculum-aligned assessment, and teacher support all in one place.

Start the journey towards effective technology integration for your Arabic programs
We provide you with different accounts and exceptional capabilities
We implement modern approaches to education
Arabic e-learning platform
Confident teacher
Arabic e-learning platform
Motivated learner
Arabic e-learning platform
Engaging content
Arabic e-learning platform
Learner-centered approaches
Arabic e-learning platform
Evidence of impact on improved learning
Global Locations, Local Impact
A Reputation of Innovation
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We are the technical & creative force behind one of MENA’s most innovative education technology providers revolutionizing learning in the Middle East
small circle (Forbes Middle East, 2019)